Fruit desserts stinky fruit

fruit desserts stinky fruit

The durian or /ˈdʊriən/ is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. .. Es durian (durian ice cream) is a popular dessert in Indonesia, sold at street side stall in Indonesian cities, especially in Java. Pulut Durian or ketan  ‎Durio zibethinus · ‎Blancmange · ‎List of Durio species · ‎Typhoon Durian. A native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, durian fruit is regarded as the In any case, here are 5 fabulous Durian dessert recipes! Durian fruit is known as the "king of fruit" in Southeast Asia. But outside its natural homeland, its reputation isn't quite so regal. Thanks to its. fruit desserts stinky fruit



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