Are peas a fruit spiky fruit

are peas a fruit spiky fruit

Just one per cent correctly said peas in a pod were fruit, while 97 per cent were stumped over olives and aubergines, claiming they are  Missing: spiky. Or is it fruits? Avocadoes, string beans, squash, eggplant, green pepper and okra are all technically fruits, Litt says. On the other hand,  Missing: spiky. A Berry is a single fleshy fruit without a stone, usually containing a number of seeds. This is a Other fruits of this type are all in members of the Pea Family Other fruits of this type are: Blue Poppy (Meconopsis), Prickly Poppy (Argemone). are peas a fruit spiky fruit



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Are peas a fruit spiky fruit In the flowering season, the beautiful sweet-scented star-shaped yellow flowers can be found growing on the angles where the leaves grow on the branches. We would really appreciate feedback from customers who do try. It is cultivated for its edible fruit, and has become naturalised in some other parts of the tropics, including southeastern Asia. No shade of purple is lovelier than the fruit, it's a tasty treat. It is cultivated and occasionally naturalized in tropical areas worldwide, including Florida in the U.
Are peas a fruit spiky fruit What most people do not know is that the pink flowers are wonderfully and intensely fragrant. A fruit results from maturation of one or more flowers, and the gynoecium of the flower s forms all or part of the fruit. Hybrid fruits ginger fruit is the fruit of a Salvia Salvia. The fruit is a bright red, about the size of a cherry, with shallow furrows running down the outside, and resembles the three pits which fit closely together inside. Fruits are often attacked by bugs and, of course, birds.
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